Richard Lamoureaux Guro Ted Lucaylucay Pocket Stick

Richard Lamoureaux & Guro Ted Lucaylucay Using Pocket Stick. This was part of a training video that was filmed in 1992. All filming was done in Burbank, California for Inside Kung-Fu.

This Kali technique is a GunTing. Also known as a scissor strike to the bicep using the pocket stick.

Richard Lamoureaux Mark Stewart Guro Ted Lucaylucay Chuck F. Gonzaga

Richard Lamoureaux & Mark Stewart & Guro Ted Lucaylucay & Chuck F. Gonzaga group photo. This was a promo photo from Ted Lucay’s Pocket Stick Video 1992.  Photo by Wes Bennett.

Rich Lamoureaux Single Stick Kali Promo Photo

Rich Lamoureaux Single Stick Kali Promo Photo 1991. This photo was taken for advertising purposes when i first started teaching back at Quad’s Gym in Calumet City, Il. My classes consisted of Kali, Bruce Lee’s JKD, and general self defense training.