Wai Lun Choi Seminar Las Vegas

Grand Master of the  Liu Ho Pa Fa system of Kung-Fu, Wai Lun Choi will be in Las Vagas on the 6th and 7th of Aug. The seminar will be hosted by Sifu  Dan Tafoya and will be held at the Gardens Park in Summerlin. Contact Dan at (702) 592-6949 for all the details regarding the seminar. I had the privilege of meeting Master Choi back in 1980 at the Peak Congress hotel in Chicago, during a demonstration of his martial art of Liu Ho Pa Fa. At the time I was a  student under sifu Jack Soderberg and it was he who invited me to meet his Master. Wai Lun Choi is by far an expert in Kung Fu.

In the early 80’s Dan Inosanto trained with Master Choi as a private student. One day I ask Guro Dan what he thought of Master Choi and his Kung Fu. Dan said to me ” Rich I rate him in the top 5″ So I said, Dan, that is a nice complement for top 5 in the U.S.A. Inosanto look at me and said, “no Rich, he is in the top 5 in the world”.   


In 1971, Wai Lun Choi, as part of the Hong Kong delegation, participated in the Southeast Asian Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts Tournament. This was the premier martial tournament lasting eight days. On the fourth day of competition, Wai Lun would go up against the reining champion, Wong Chai Leung, nickname “Crazy Horse”. A reporter for the Singapore News described the intensity of the fight. “Choi’s strikes were resounding over the audience making each move a potential lethal end to this competition”

Taken from Wai Lun Choi’s Bio.

GM Wai Lun Choi

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  1. Please say, “Hello” to Master Choi for me, I studied with him for 3 years solid between 1989-92. I wish I could be at the seminar – had I only known.

    What an honor for anyone to have the rare opportunity to study with Master Choi, he is a true MASTER and far more than “an expert”. There is no one else like him out there, he is the last of the great teachers, and a kind man with great wisdom. Pay attention to everything he shows you and you will come away with real gold.

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