GM Narrie Babao~Guro Richard Lamoureaux~Tuhan Lindsey Largusa

 GM Narrie Babao~Guro Rich Lamoureaux~Tuhan Lindsey Largusa

Grand Master Narrie Babao was in Las Vegas 9/4/12 with his lovely wife Zena Sultana Babao celebrating 37 years of marriage. I was invited by Tuhan Lindsey Largusa to attend an informal get together of instructors and friends here in Las Vegas at a Starbucks coffee house.

Grand Master Babao Arnis system was named after the late Buenaventura “Turing” Babao, the late father and original Arnis teacher to (GM Narrie Babao). Master Turing learned the Batangas Baston system of Arnis from Ka Juan, who once rode with General Miguel Malvar, the last Filipino general to surrender to the Americans in 1912.

At present, under the Babao Arnis system, he teache’s three separate systems: the Batangas Baston, the Villabrille-Largusa Kali, and the Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrido and Pangamot. Additionally, he teaches kuntao (empty hands), sikaran (kicking arts) and  panuntukan (Filipino boxing).

I would like to personally thank Tuhan Largusa for the invitation to meet GM Babao and the Master himself for sharing his knowledge of the Filipino history, culture and technique of his art.


GM Wai Lun Choi Seminar Review

Richard Lamoureaux

Richard Lamoureaux

Guro Richard Lamoureaux & Sifu Jack Soderberg with GM Wai Lun Choi

The two day seminar held for Grand Master Wai Lun Choi was an exciting experience for all that attended. Students from as far away as Canada stop in to see the Grand Master work his craft. GM Choi is the linage holder to the rare Kung Fu System of Lui Ho Pa Fa. I was introduced to Sifu Choi back in 1980 by Sifu Jack Soderberg at the Peak Congress Hotel in Chicago. All I can say is Master Choi can deliver the goods at his ripe young age of 72. His seminar covered many aspects of the martial arts from movement, postion and breathing to applacation and philosophy. It was nice to see him again for it’s been 25 years for me. The last time I saw Sifu he bounced me 8 feet through the air.

Wai Lun Choi will be conducting another seminar for the United Martial Arts Academy in Miami Florida. For more information go to or contact Sifu Henry at (786) 357-4255.

Dan Inosanto Backyard Gym 1973


Inosanto’s backyard gym in 1973, before the opening of the Filipino Kali Academy in Torrance California. Many of Dan’s early student’s trained here. Ted Lucay Lucay, Chris Kent, Tackett and Poteet to name a few. This gym was in Dan’s backyard behind his house. It just goes to show that the school can be anywhere. The people in the arts are more important then the building with four walls. I’m sure the old crew have some great stories to tell that took place in this gym.