Rich Lamoureaux Seminar Munster Indiana

Richard Lamoureaux Renzo Gracie

Richard Lamoureaux & Renzo Gracie 1994. In 1991 I started training brazilian jiu-jitsu. Paul Vunak was the first instructor to introduce me to this system.  I was fortunate enough to train with two of the Gracies from Brasil (Renzo & Rickson) before they were hugely popular in the USA. This photo was taken at  a seminar in chicago hosted by Joe Goytia. This was the first time Renzo Gracie did a seminar outside of New York. This was also the first time Pat Militech was introduced and trained in the art of brazilian jiu-jitsu. The following year 1995, Pat won the Battle of The Masters In Chicago. My good friend Joe Goytia was responsible for introducing Pat to Jiu-Jitsu and his first MMA competition.