Richard Lamoureaux is an American Martial Artist that has studied extensivly in over 15+ martial arts. His 40+ years of training have included  various forms of unarmed and armed combat. In 1965 Richard Lamoureaux started training the Korean Style of Tang Soo Do and achieved the rank of black belt in 1970. Upon reaching Black Belt Rich recieved additional recognition from the United States Fighting Arts Institute since he was only 12 years old and was amongts the youngest students to receive this rank in Chicago. In 1972 Richard Lamoureaux was accepted by Sifu T. Ming and trained in the Chinese martial arts of Fu Jow Pai, Hop Gar and Wing Chun Kung Fu. In 1977 to further expand his knowldege of Kung Fu Richard started training under Sifu Jack Soderberg and studied the system of Tibetin Lama Pai Kung Fu. Rich’s training and friendship with Sifu Jack Soderberg continues to this day. Both Rich and Jack founded the CDF Academies in multiple states for a period of over 30 years.

In 1980 Richard Lamoureax started training in the Filipino Martial Arts of of Kali / Escrima / Arnis, as well as Bruce Lee’s famed JKD. Richard Lamoureaux’s Training in Kali spans more than 30 years and included intense study with some of the top masters of the arts. Some of the Filipino martial art’s instructors that Rich worked with include Bruce Lee’s #1 student Dan Inosanto, former Navy Seals combat instructor and blade expert Paul Vunak, and Kali Master Ted LucayLucay. Richard is a certified Associate Level Instructor in both Kali and JKD.

In 1991 Richard began practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with when it was literally just showing up in the United States. Richard Lamoureax trained extensivley in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was one of the first Americans to host some of the big name Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu stars at seminars around the country. This included seminars with Rickson Gracie in 1992,Wellington Megaton Diaz in 1995 and Jacare Calvacanti in 1997 to name a few.

Renzo Gracie and Rich Lamoureaux 1994

Wellington “Megaton” Diaz 1995

Some of Richard Lamoureax’s certifications and Rank include: 1st degree Black Belt (Dark Blue) Tang Soo Do, Black Sash Tibetian Lama Pai Kung Fu. 

*Certified Kali Instructor
*Certified JKD Instructor
*10 years of Boxing
*10 years of Kickboxing
*6 years of Muay Thai
*18 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Richard has trained formally with the following martial artists:

  • Rickson Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Megaton, Jacare Calvacanti, Mercelo Pereira, Prof Ted Stickel, Pedro Carvalho, Rodrigo Teixeira, Master John McSweeney. Sifu T. Ming, Sah Bum Nim Raymond Soon, Pendekar Agung Paul De Thouars, Surachai Sirisute, A Chai, Tuhan Lindsey Largusa, GM Diony Canete, Datu Glen Dahams. Jack Callahan. Pendekar Agung Paul De Thouars.
  • Guro Dan Inosanto, Guro Ted LucayLucay, Gm Diony Canete, Sifu Jack Soderberg, Suro Mike Inay, Guro Nate Defensor, Sifu Paul Vunak, Sifu Francis Fong, Master William Cheung, Tuhan Leo Gaje, Sifu/Guro Louie Compos, Sifu Christopher Kent, Sifu Larry Hartsell, GM Dong Cuesta. Shahram-Moosavi, Master Paul Olives, GM Angel Cabales,
  • Master Jimmy Tacosa, Guro Al McLuckie, Richard Bustillo, Master Ed Parker, Ken Dinkins, Sifu Hawkins Cheung, Suryadi “Eddy” Jafri. Peter Sanchez, Sammy Arvello, Dalubhasang Guro Ignacio Casas.


In addition to working with Professional Fighters and thousands of students over the years, Richard Lamoureax has worked with multiple goverment agencies. This includes various law enforecement agencies, US Customs agents, US Secret Service agents, Private Contractors for the Dept Of Defense, Private Security Teams, and US Special Forces Teams.

Richard Lamoureaux has authored articles and been featured in various national martial arts publications. He has also appeared in various Martial Arts training video series. In addition to running martial arts schools in two states, Rich has given seminars in dozens of cities across the entire USA.

Richard Lamoureax currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. He is available for private and semi private training. He can be reached via the contact form on this website. (702) 271-4029