Dan Inosanto Backyard Gym 1973


Inosanto’s backyard gym in 1973, before the opening of the Filipino Kali Academy in Torrance California. Many of Dan’s early student’s trained here. Ted Lucay Lucay, Chris Kent, Tackett and Poteet to name a few. This gym was in Dan’s backyard behind his house. It just goes to show that the school can be anywhere. The people in the arts are more important then the building with four walls. I’m sure the old crew have some great stories to tell that took place in this gym.

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  1. Yes, that is where my JKD training began. And what is really cool is that Dan used to allow me access to the gym on weekends to train by myself if he wasn’t there. I used to kick Bruce’s 300 pound heavy bag which was hanging in there. I have many fond memories of the place.

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