The Bladed Hand FMA Documentary


The Bladed Hand is in it’s final stages of production before it is released. The premire is planned to be held in Manila in August of this year. Dan Inosanto, Diana Lee Inosanto, Remy Presas Jr and Ron Balicki are among some of the Instructors in the film. The documetary will cover many styles and systems of Kali, Eskrima and Arnis.  History, Technique and Culture will all be part of this documetary. The film was shoot here in the U.S. as while as the Phillipines.

Richard Lamoureaux Mark Stewart Guro Ted Lucaylucay Chuck F. Gonzaga

Richard Lamoureaux & Mark Stewart & Guro Ted Lucaylucay & Chuck F. Gonzaga group photo. This was a promo photo from Ted Lucay’s Pocket Stick Video 1992.  Photo by Wes Bennett.

Eskrimadors Movie Highlight Kali History

Here is another great clip from the movie Eskrimadors. I highly recommend you watch this movie! This film gives the history and fighting systems of Eskrima. I trained with GM Diony Canete back in 1986 who is featured in this film along with his Black Belt instructor Glen Dahms. In 1986, in the U.S. Doce Pares was known by very few.