Kali Crossing Into The WWE Through Dave Batista

The Filipino Martial Arts have crossed many lines, movies, football,  special law enforcement groups and the military. So by no surprise, why not the WWE. The individual bringing it to center ring, is none other than big Dave Batista. Batista is a body builder, actor, but best known for his time in the WWE. Dave is also a Filipino who has found an interest in Filipino Martial Arts and is working on fighting in the UFC. He currenty trains with Marrese Crump who is also a martial artist and actor. Dave is training different styles of  martial arts for the octagon but seems to have a passion for FMA. All I can say is good luck to him in his UFC interested and it is great that he is training and promoting the Kali.


Mareese Crump and Dave Batista

Richard Lamoureaux Jeff Speakman 1995

This photo was taken at white tigers kenpo academy in the suburbs of chicago. Jeff Speakman was hosting a kenpo seminar for charity at that time. Jeff is now located in Las Vegas, NV and owns and operates his own martial arts studio.



Richard Lamoureaux & Dan Inosanto & Curtis Lawson Training Kali 1984

Richard Lamoureaux & Dan Inosanto & Curtis Lawson Training Kali back in 1984. Curtis Lawson first introduced Rich Lamoureaux to the art of Kali back in the early 1980’s. Richard continued his studies and become a certified instructor under Dan Inosanto in 1984. Today Curtis Lawson is a veteran US marine and L.A. police officer and part of the LAPD Metro Unit.