Richard Lamoureaux Mark Stewart Guro Ted Lucaylucay Chuck F. Gonzaga

Richard Lamoureaux & Mark Stewart & Guro Ted Lucaylucay & Chuck F. Gonzaga group photo. This was a promo photo from Ted Lucay’s Pocket Stick Video 1992.  Photo by Wes Bennett.

Richard Lamoureaux with GM Dong Cuesta

Richard Lamoureaux with GM Dong Cuesta 1995. Upon completion of a Kali / JKD seminar that i instructed at the basyside academy of martial arts in New Jersey i took a private class in Doce Pares from Grand Master Dong Cuesta. At this time in the USA, Dong Cuesta was the second highest ranked Doce Pares Instructor in the USA. He was second to only GM Cacoy Canete.

Guro Nate Defensor Guro Dan Inosanto Guro Richard Lamoureaux

Nate Defensor & Danny Inosanto & Richard Lamoureaux 1982. This photo was taken at the Degerberg Academy in Chicago, Il in 1982.  Nate Defensor instructed Rich Lamoureaux from 1981 to 1983 as a private student. Nate Defensor has been a Filipino Martial Arts instructor in Chicago for over 30 years.  Nate specializes in Kali, Escrima, Arnis, Silat, and has trained under such notable instructors as Dan Inosanto,  Mike Inay, and Angel Cabales to name a few.