Kali JKD Seminar

The Kali/Jkd seminar in Munster Indiana was a group of many friends and years past students. Some in attendance trained with me back 20 and 30 years ago. I would like to thank all that came out and showed support, it is most appreciated. Special thanks to Ron Kasak and Dan Kocsis for hosting event. I also would like to give special thanks to Randy Siordia for helping promote the seminar, Steve Charlson for flying in from Virginia, Thanks again!!

Joe Goytia Intense Defense Systems

Joe Goytia and I go way back to the late 1970’s. He has been a close friend and training partner in my earlier years as a Martial Artist. He is well known in the Chicago area for promoting some of the very best MMA events and doing all the video graphics for the hit T.V. show THE HUMAN WEAPON.  In this demo you can see how Joe has been influenced by the Filipino Martial Arts, Silat, Thai Boxing and JKD, which are all part of his unique fighting matrix. If you are ever in the Chicago area make sure to check him out. He is one the best instructors you can find with skill sets that cover many different Martial Arts.


GrandTuhon Leo Gaje

GM Gaje holds the rights to the system of PekitiTirsia. He has trained such notable instructors as Dan Inosanto. His system focuses on stick and blade fighting but his specialty is the use of the knife. The following youtube video shows Gaje & Inosanto & Tom Bisio on a New York  TV broadcast in the early 1980’s.